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EU and Russia: Triumph of the Weak Will

Here is an article Oksana Chelysheva sent me few days ago. How embarrassing it is for European people.

Stanislav Dmitrievsky, 06.09.2008 (translated from Russian and abridged)

Yesterday, I was asked to formulate my suggestions to European politicians who will take part in the next OSCE meeting on the human dimension. The question I was asked was: « What should European politicians do to defend civic society, civic and political activists in Russia? »

I find it very hard to formulate my recommendations. In response, I would like to pose my own question: « What are European politicians prepared to do? Is Europe prepared to give up some of its comfort for the sake of defending, –not just in words but in deed,– the great principles of freedom enshrined in its constitution? »

I have asked this question many times in recent years. There is no direct answer, yet it seems I know the answer. The latest EU resolution on the conflict between Russia and Georgia testifies that the current generation of European leaders lack not only the readiness to defend their declared « democratic values, » but also an elementary sense of self-preservation.

There is nothing but words. A mountain of words, with which Europe tries to hide its own fear of real action. A paralysis of responsibility. A triumph of the weak will.

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Contre-attaque polonaise

J'en avais entendu parler un peu partout, mais je voulais vérifier par moi-même. Alors je me suis rendu sur le site de l'office du tourisme polonais à Paris, pour découvrir que c'était vrai : Face aux accès de xénophobie française, au débordements tsunamiesques de plombierophobie, c'est agréable de voir que certains arrivent à garder le sourire :)

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