Len Wiseman
☼ Born on4 March 1973, in Fremont, California, USA
Biography Filmmaker Len Wiseman's career began through his work in the art department on the blockbuster hits like Godzilla  (click to expand) (1998), Men in Black (1997), and Independence Day (1996). His design talents soon got him behind the camera directing commercials for PlayStation, Time Warner, Oracle, Intel, and Activision, and quickly lead to work in music videos. Len received numerous award nominations, including Best Art Direction at the 2002 MTV Awards for Quarashi 's Screaming Masterpiece (2005) (aka Stick 'Em Up) and Best Director at the 2002 MVPA Awards for the Rufus Wainwright video "Across the Universe." In addition, Wiseman directed music videos for Megadeth , En Vogue , Static-X , Paul Oakenfold and Brooke Allison .

In the role of director

Die Hard 4 (02/09/2008)

Quandles geeks se font botter le derrièredie hard voiture fonçant sur helicoptèreLa série des Die Hard avait toujours été jusqu'ici une référence en matière de films d'action. Sorti une année après le très réussi Leathal Weapon (l'arme fatale). Le personnage John McLane était une invention qui allait se décliner à l'infini : héros désabusé, sauvant la population comme d'autres […]