Jean-Claude Vignoli

Jean-Claude VignoliAfter several years in Africa, I am currently traveling Latin America, residing among several indigenous peoples, such as the Bri-bris in Costa Rica, the Kogis in Colombia, the Qeros in Peru. I am passionate about archeology and ancient arts, but don’t mind trying to understand quantum physics or modern art. I like literature as long as it is not pedantic like Flaubert, love cinema which makes people dream intelligently. I love the present and the past, because the future concerns us all.

Today I am a freelance journalist, seeking to share the truth of the world. I have a master’s degree in international relations from the Graduate Institute, I am the former director of programs of UPR Info, an international human rights NGO that I co-founded. I was also national manager within the NGO EAGLE (fight against the trafficking of protected animals), and member of the Green Committee of the City of Geneva, in Switzerland. As a volunteer journalist and activist for the Swiss section of Amnesty International, I have written and organized many activities to denounce the death penalty and torture all over the world. I lead ethical and practical fights, that is to say those for which my action can make a difference for the most disadvantaged, humans and animals.

Of tone

This blog mixes genres, topics, and can seem out of sync at times. It is daring to mix the tones, because the risk is not to be taken seriously. I see this as a mistake, the world is complex and separation only makes sense if you bring together what is scattered. My interests are multiple, for the simple reason that life is short. Very short.

Of utilisation

Whether on any topic on the blog, express yourself freely, without fear of censorship.

Do not hesitate to respond much later to an article, to react to words that shocked you, to ask several months (years?) Later for any clarification; rest assured that your message will not go unanswered.

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