Activism is about fighting inequalities, whatever they may be. Take offense at the misfortune of others. Do not remain passive in the face of violence against the weakest. Fully enter the world to be an actor rather than a consumer.

The Guardians of the Amazon

Time is running out. In Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, we continue to lose the Amazon. The medicines we take come from the Amazon. Gold, cobalt, wood, meat and much more are extracted from the Amazon every day. Does this mean that our species is doomed? No, we refuse to be fatalistic. The Guardians of the Amazon was born on 3 April 2024. This is a new kind of Colombian NGO, designed to unite modern people and indigenous populations to…


The environment does not need to be made

This is a response to the very deep and knowledgeable article written by Stephen Corry, The best conservationists made our environment and can save it. Stephen is the director of the formidable NGO Survival International. He has field expertise and a deep philosophical approach to indigenous people. He does not fell in the trap of the 19th century's romanticism or 18th century's Rousseauism. He has developed a personal philosophy on how modernity can accommodate with indigenous people, based on years…


How Cuba undermines human rights: A true human rights defender can’t support Cuba

A long time ago, I considered Cuba as a power against a uniform, unequal and tough Western-driven world. Cuba was the sand in the gears, reminding everybody that women’s rights and minorities’ rights have to stay high on the agenda. This was my belief until I started working in the human rights field. Whilst it is true that Cuba is facing one of the most prominent long-lasting injustices of our time (the US Embargo), the Caribbean Island is also creating…