Articles directly or indirectly related to human rights.

How Cuba undermines human rights: A true human rights defender can’t support Cuba

A long time ago, I considered Cuba as a power against a uniform, unequal and tough Western-driven world. Cuba was the sand in the gears, reminding everybody that women’s rights and minorities’ rights have to stay high on the agenda. This was my belief until I started working in the human rights field. Whilst it is true that Cuba is facing one of the most prominent long-lasting injustices of our time (the US Embargo), the Caribbean Island is also creating…


EU and Russia: Triumph of the Weak Will

Here is an article Oksana Chelysheva sent me few days ago. How embarrassing it is for European people. Stanislav Dmitrievsky, 06.09.2008 (translated from Russian and abridged) Yesterday, I was asked to formulate my suggestions to European politicians who will take part in the next OSCE meeting on the human dimension. The question I was asked was: "What should European politicians do to defend civic society, civic and political activists in Russia?" I find it very hard to formulate my…