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Sajama, the mountain with a thousand curiosities and which looks out over Bolivia

The Sajama is high: 6542 meters. It is beautiful: people come from all over the world to contemplate it. He is proud: it is the highest peak in Bolivia. It is a colossus, a pillar that measures an unspoiled region, in which pink flamingos rub shoulders with queñuas, the tallest trees on the planet. In this period of pandemic, the village of Sajama is difficult to reach. And once there, no restaurant is open. Only a stubborn hostal, the Parinacota,…


Lithium at the Uyuni Salt Flat, one of the world’s greatest wonders under threat

One might think that to get closer to the heavens, the mountain peaks would be our best stairs, that their erect phalanges holding the clouds in their course would offer mountaineers a unique spectacle of the union of the top and the bottom, between Ouranos and Gaïa. I discovered that this is not the case: the most suitable place to witness the birth of Chronos and Time is the Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia. Covering an area of ​​10,500 km2…