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Human and Amazon rights, writer, freelance journalist

PassionsJean-Claude VignoliI live in the Colombian Amazon, in the Guaviare, a place where the birds sing every morning to welcome me, and the rivers roar help me cool down. I used to live in Africa and then travelled for 5 years in Latin America, residing among indigenous peoples, such as the Bri-bris in Costa Rica, the Kogis in Colombia, the Qeros in Peru, the Uchupiamona in Bolivia, and the Guaranis in Paraguay. I am passionate about archeology (I (re) discovered ruins in Peru) and ancient arts, but do not mind trying to understand quantum physics or modern art. I like literature and philosophy, love cinema thats makes you dream intelligently. I am interested in the present and the past, because the future concerns us all.
La Gramita Cerro MongonLaguna Churup Huaraz Peru
BackgroundI am the founder of the Guardians of the Amazon (2024-), an NGO dedicated to protecting the Amazon and its original inhabitants. I am also a tourism promoter (2024-), aiming to offer alternatives to former guerrillas and drug traffickers in Colombia. I am a freelance journalist (2020-), helping sometimes marginalized communities to make their voice heard. I am also an international consultant on human rights (2023-), helping activists to pursue their goals without maximum efficiency. I hold a master's degree in international relations from the Graduate institute (2001-2005), I am the former director of programmes of UPR Info (2008-2017), an international human rights NGO that I co-founded. I was also national manager at EAGLE (an NGO fighting against trafficking in protected animals, 2017-2019). In this role, I was in charge of infiltrating criminal networks to put an end to their illegal activities. I was member of the Committee of the Green party of Geneva (2011-2012), in Switzerland. As a volunteer journalist and activist for Amnesty International's Swiss chapter (2010-2013), I organized many activities to denounce the death penalty and torture all over the world. Finally, I am the author of Pour une poignée d'ivoire (2023), a book about my experience in wildlife counter-trafficking in Africa.

I honor the ethical and practical fights, that is to say those for which my action can make a difference for the most disadvantaged, be they humans or animals.
El Guaviare TunnelsEl Guaviare cave paintings
ContactsYou can contact me, or send me a secure message via a dedicated page, or use my PGP key to email me at:

 +41 79 441 94 93    youtube   facebook

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NGO Guardianes Guardians Gardiens
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