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Devil tool is an incredible tool, converting very fast tiff, tga pictures to dds. The documentation argue that it could manage jpg and png as well, but I did not success :-(

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Celestia Icons
An icons pack for Celestia.

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Mostly harmless, is a very complete addon for Celestia. Using a SQL database, you'd get this :

shoot 1 mostly harmess shoot 2 mostly harmess

Official webstie

Update : you can download (only with emule) version 0.2, which interface it-self easier with Celestia (it creates his own directory), and has a plentiful of news options. I keep the old 0.18 version here.

New update : version 0.3, which begin to look like to (finally !) a game. Download at Sourceforge. Be careful, it weights 300 Mo.

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A new star database for Celestia; to go with, you may download a program that let you choose the database wanted for Celestia.

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userguide 1
A user guide at word type, very complete. The last version is 1.31. This is the french version, but you can get the english one here.

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As you noticed, the informations provided by the control menu under Celestia is getting old; with this file, you may replace the main controls.txt file, to see a complete control explanations. To wait 'til next version.

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VT for Dummies
Virtual textures are pretty new, and had needed a lot of work. To have an overall summary, the best way is to have a look at this virtual textures guide, which helped me a lot.

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Celestia sound
Celestia is a pleasure for sight, it's currently admitted; but wouldn't be the immersion more instensive, adding a sense more ? Let's try hearing.

LUXORION project gather a set of sounds coming from the outer space, sometimes made by our probes, sometimes send by martians (?). Downloading the entire site is needful to correctly enjoy these sounds, when you approach Jupiter on Cassini, i.e., listening the jovians noises recorded by radio-astronomers.

Next step : smell.

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Thanks to Jdou, you can turn Celestia menus to french ! Works only with Celestia release 1.4.0 pre 6.

Many other releases are available in the board.

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Celestia options are so numerous that having a Celestia's Keymap could help you to survive. Print it. File's source.

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For people burning Celestia on CD (or DVD), here you'll find a picture to print and use as jacket.

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