What is emule ? It's a peer-to-peer software, that's to say a program to exchange freely every kind of datas.

Method initiated with Napster, which was centered on audio files exchange, it largely overflowed and today, all files in numerical format are shared.

Nice, but for what is that used here? All. The files which I propose in download are dependent on my band-width. I transmit them at only to one person at the same time, and the request is rather consequent.

The main advantage, using P2P (abbreviation), is that I'm not alone to upload the requested file; when someone else has downloaded the file, he shares in the same way and help me to accelerate the download time for futur requests. It's quicker and more reliable, in so far as everyone plays the game and keeps a few times what he downloaded. Therefore thank you to keep them a few time in share, so that framework has chance to keep on.

To install the software, two adresses : the official website, and the one for his best mod, emule plus, including a lot of nice supplementary options (I use this one). Both are free. Welcome into free sharing ! ;-)

To find more informations or tips about emule, got to Emule-help. And to get rid of that damn low-id, which prevent full speed download (as you get less clients) go right here.

Lastly, you will find in the files proposed an emule indicator, a small icon, to show the file is available via emule. It looks like this: emule