The Masters of Darkness


You draw the sun-sword and a gout of golden flame engulfs the blade, flaring with such brilliance that you are momentarily blinded. Kraagenskûl shrieks. It is an unearthly howl, filled with blind terror. He throws up his skeletal hands to shield himself from the searing light, and smoke curls from his blistering skin as the radiant power of the Sommerswerd burns his flesh. Sparks explode as you fend off the swarming cloud of Crypt Spawn, your blade destroying them with ease, but Kraagenskûl summons yet more of the horrors, and you are hard-pressed to keep from being overwhelmed.


Crypt Spawn Flood: COMBAT SKILL 30   ENDURANCE 36

If you win, and the fight lasts three rounds or less, turn to 6.

If you win, and the fight lasts four rounds or more, turn to 195.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness