The Masters of Darkness


You slay the last of the deadly Crypt Spawn and stagger back, wiping their gore from your stinging eyes. As your vision clears, to your horror you see Kraagenskûl bending over a bowl that rests on a plinth beside his throne. It is filled with a silvery liquid, and at once you recognize its purpose: it is a communicator, a device through which he can converse with his leader, Darklord Gnaag. The Sommerswerd has betrayed your identity, and Kraagenskûl is warning Gnaag of your presence here in Argazad.


With your heart pounding, you race across the chamber and kick the bowl from its plinth, destroying the image of Gnaag, that floats upon its shiny surface. Kraagenskûl screams in anger and lunges at your head, his sword now ablaze with tongues of black fire. You parry the blow and the two blades hiss furiously as their awesome power collides.

Darklord Kraagenskûl: COMBAT SKILL 45   ENDURANCE 48

This being is immune to Mindblast (but not Psi-surge).

If you win the combat, turn to 318.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness