The Masters of Darkness


With trepidation, you peer through the thick and grimy glass of a hull porthole and gaze upon the awesome spectacle that is Helgedad. Perched upon an isle of granite at the centre of a vast, fiery chasm stands the mighty city-fortress, the very core of a cancer that threatens to infect and destroy all that is good in Magnamund. Great walls of black steel encircle it, giving rise to a thousand spiky towers and turrets which harbour the masters and the minions of darkness. Above the city hovers a seething pall of black smoke that keeps it forever in shadow. Fed by the fumes from the volcanic craters of the Naogizaga, this cloud is made all the more noisome by the foul discharges of the Nadziranim laboratories, the weapon furnaces, and the hellish breeding pits at the base of the chasm.


Irregularly the darkness is lit by fireballs that seem to form spontaneously among the black vapours. They spin and soar above the city like demonic meteors, before exploding or simply melting away in a rain of sparks. A bridge of twisted black steel joins Helgedad to the wastelands beyond, and as the Lajakeka slowly grinds its way across this span, you look down into the fiery depths of the Nengud-kor-Adez, the Lake of Blood, and your courage quails at the terrible sight that meets your gaze.

Turn to 150.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness