The Masters of Darkness


A thousand feet below, at the heart of the chasm, a seething carpet of nightmare shapes crawl and slither amid rivers of molten rock. They appear to your horrified eyes to be writhing in perpetual agony, and your psychic senses confirm that this is the case: it is their pain, not their bodies, that feeds this raging sea of supernatural flame.


The gates of the Black City open and the Lajakeka passes into this terrible realm of evil, along a vast avenue of steel, flanked by buildings of hellish grandeur and purpose. You can see red flames glaring at peaked gothic windows, and innumerable barred gates that appear like the grinning jaws of dragons. At length, the vehicle grinds to a halt at a place where a huge chute burrows deep into the ground. The crew make preparations to unload their cargo directly into this funnel-shaped hole whilst you and the other passengers disembark. With fear running ice cold in your veins, you scan the fire-swept street and notice that all the other passengers are scurrying towards a tunnel.

If you wish to follow them and enter the tunnel, turn to 80.

If you choose to avoid them and the tunnel, and prefer to explore the street, turn to 197.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness