The Masters of Darkness


As you strike the blow that seals the creature’s doom, it disappears, leaving no trace whatsoever. Gnaag roars his anger and lopes awkwardly towards the Transfusor, desperate to recall his fellow Darklords to the Black City. You block his path and feel an eerie force—a tingling electric coldness—pass between you. With an unholy scream, Darklord Gnaag unsheathes his sword, Nadazgada, and prepares to engage you in a battle that will determine the destiny of Magnamund.


If you possess the Sommerswerd, turn to 214.

If you possess the Dagger of Vashna or Helshezag (the sword of Darklord Kraagenskûl) and wish to use either of them, turn to 88.

If you possess none of these Special Items, turn to 3.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness