The Masters of Darkness


You unsheathe the Sommerswerd and the shadowy chamber is flooded with blinding golden light, as if a sun had flared into being beneath its black dome. The steel walls vibrate, and then buckle beneath an onslaught of pure energy that is radiating from the sword’s blade. Until now the power of the sun-sword has been held in check, locked and subdued within its divinely crafted blade. Even the surge of power that destroyed Darklord Zagarna at the walls of Holmgard was but a candle flicker compared to the searing radiance that is now pouring from its tip.


For an instant you see panic blaze madly in Gnaag’s fly-like eyes, before he is consumed by the power of the Sommerswerd and vapourised to sightless atoms. With a cry of victory, you sheathe the sun-sword and stare at the place where, only seconds before, your arch-enemy confronted you.

Turn to 350.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness