The Masters of Darkness


Almost invisible against the horizon of black cliffs and cloudy grey skies are two enemy warships, anchored a few hundred yards offshore. At first they look deserted; then the sudden clang of alarm bells and the appearance of huge clouds of yellow smoke from their funnels indicate they are manned, and they intend to give chase.

‘Our only chance is to outrun them,’ says Davan, his eyes narrowing as he surveys the ironclads hauling their anchors and turning about. At his command the crew spring into action, breaking their backs to coax every last knot of speed from their battered ship, but the winds are against them and the enemy, not reliant on sails for their propulsion, are soon closing the gap.

‘Prepare to repel boarders!’ shouts Davan, as an ironclad draws alongside. Hastily they abandon their attempt to outrun the enemy, and draw weapons in readiness to receive a unit of leather-clad Drakkarim marines who are poised to spring aboard the very moment the two vessels collide. Then, with a resounding crash, the ironclad smashes into the side of the Intrepid and the enemy come scrambling over the rail, screaming and howling like a pack of demons.


One of their number singles you out. He strides forward, his black blade swinging viciously as he attempts to cleave your skull in two. Owing to the speed of his attack you are unable to make use of a Bow.

Drakkarim Marine: COMBAT SKILL 23   ENDURANCE 27

You can evade combat at any time: turn to 7.

If you win the combat, turn to 248.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness