The Masters of Darkness


You pull away from your adversary and retreat towards the middle of the ship. There, a group of Kirlundins have drawn up in a circle and are holding their ground behind a wall of shields. You join them and take command as a second wave of Drakkarim clamber over the side and come howling across the deck. With a noise like thunder they fall upon the group, their swords and axes drawing sparks as they rain down upon the shield-wall with numbing force. The shock of their impact drives the Kirlundins back, opening gaps in their defence through which the strongest Drakkarim hurl themselves recklessly. One breaks through close to where you stand and stabs at your neck with his blunted sword.


Drakkarim Marine: COMBAT SKILL 23   ENDURANCE 27

Owing to his state of battle-frenzy, this foe is immune to Mindblast (but not Psi-surge).

If you win the combat, turn to 294.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness