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Freelance Journalist

Passions Jean-Claude VignoliAfter several years in Africa, I am currently traveling through Latin America, living with several indigenous peoples, such as Bri-bris in Costa Rica, the Kogis in Colombia, and the Qeros in Perou. I am passionate about archeology (I (re) discovered ruins in Perou) and ancient arts, but don't shy away from trying to understand quantum physics or modern art. I like literature as long as it is not pedantic like Flaubert, loves the movies that makes you dream intelligently. I love the present and the past because the future concerns us all.

Career Today I am a freelance journalist, seeking to share the truth of the world. I have a master's degree in international relations from Graduate institute, I am the former director of programs of UPR Info, an international human rights NGO that I co-founded. I was also national manager within the NGO EAGLE (fight against trafficking in animals), and member of the Greens Committee of the City of Geneva, in Switzerland. As a volunteer journalist and activist for the Swiss section of Amnesty International, I wrote and organized many activities to denounce the death penalty and torture around the world. I undertake ethical and practical fights, in other words those for which my action can make a difference for the most disadvantaged, both humans and animals.

Contact You can use my contact page, or send me a secure message from a special page, or use my PGP key to send an email to :

jc.vignoli @ gmail.com
Twitter: @jc_vignoli