The Masters of Darkness


From a tube-like contraption mounted behind the funnel of the ironclad there issues a flash and a puff of smoke. Moments later, a fiery ball comes hurtling towards the Intrepid, screeching louder than a flock of angry Kraan. It strikes amidships, causing an explosion that sends a thousand flaming shards hissing in every direction. In seconds the sails, masts, and rigging are set ablaze, showering Drakkarim and crew alike with red-hot smoking cinders.


Instinctively you cover your head as part of the boom-sail lands close by. It brings with it a tangle of burning canvas that smothers you from head to foot.

If you possess the Magnakai Discipline of Nexus and have reached the rank of Principalin or higher, turn to 177.

If you do not possess this skill, or have yet to reach this level of Magnakai training, pick a number from the Random Number Table.

If the number you have picked is 0–3, turn to 42.

If it is 4–6, turn to 288.

If it is 7–9, turn to 332.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness