The Masters of Darkness


You spin around to see the ghastly form of Darklord Gnaag emerge from a shadowy archway, his composite eyes glittering evilly. You stiffen at his approach, your muscles locked like coiled springs. Your whole life’s struggle is concentrated into this moment; at last the time has come to avenge the Kai and rid your world of these evil masters of darkness forever. You feel a transformation taking place deep within you, a growing strength and sharpness of mind. It breathes new life into your battle-weary body and fills you with the certain knowledge that your destiny is about to be fulfilled (restore your ENDURANCE score to its original level).


The chamber echoes to a loud, rasping snarl, full of anger and fear, as Gnaag becomes aware of your true identity. You move forward, confident in your strength. But before you can attack, Gnaag fades from sight and a shimmering haze rises from the floor. The mist draws into focus and an eerie cadence, like a distant scream, fills your ears.

The phantom mist crystallizes into the shape of a winged beast with glowing ghost-eyes. It opens its fang-filled mouth and your mind screams an alarm.

If you possess the Magnakai Discipline of Divination turn to 203.

If you do not possess this skill, turn to 102.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness