The Masters of Darkness


Icy winds tear at your mask and armour as you soar thousands of feet above the southern foothills of the Gourdanak Mountain Range. Were it not for the protection of your Golden Amulet, the bitter fury of these winds would have frozen you to death within an hour of leaving Argazad, yet you feel nothing, save exhilaration and a nagging fear of what awaits you in Aarnak.


Dawn breaks during the second hour of your flight, and in its dull grey light you glimpse the landscape as it speeds past below. To the south lies the Naogizaga, a vast plain of ash and slime-filled rifts; to the north lie the snow-capped peaks of the Gourdanak Mountains; and ahead lies an unwelcoming vista, a desolation of stunted, poisonous vegetation and hilly crags. You are tired and hungry after your perilous ordeal in Argazad, and must now eat a Meal or lose 3 ENDURANCE points.

To continue, turn to 10.

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