The Masters of Darkness


The still water is set to boiling by the shoal of glistening fish, as they swarm around the Intrepid. They have been drawn here by the warmth of the ship’s hull, and as you stare down into the seething turmoil, you estimate that there must be hundreds of thousands of fish directly beneath the keel. You watch with fascination until you recall something about the sea carp that you learned when you were a novice at the Kai Monastery, something that sends a tingle of premonition down your spine.


The tales and legends of the northern seas tell of the Xargath, a fearsome breed of giant reptilian sea creature that inhabits the black depths of the Kaltersee. Once, a century ago, the fishermen of Sommerlund trawled these waters and grew rich on the fruits of their labours, for the sea carp were plentiful and the markets of Sommerlund and Durenor paid highly for their catch. Trade thrived until the Xargath appeared and began to attack their boats. So devastating were the attacks, and so terrifying were the descriptions of the Xargath by those fortunate few who survived them, that all fishing in these waters was abandoned and has never been resumed.

A swarm of sea carp, as huge as that which now surrounds the Intrepid, is sure to attract a hungry Xargath. You turn to look for the captain, to warn him of the danger his ship is in, when suddenly the shoal cease their thrashing and fall silent and still.

Turn to 60.

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