The Masters of Darkness


The harbour and neighbouring wharves are filled with noise and furious industry. An army of slaves and Drakkarim overseers are at work servicing the ironclad fleet, their lanterns flickering along the rows of shiny black decks as they toil to maintain the vessels in fighting trim.

As you enter the harbour square, you pass a line of wagons laden with heavy machinery, which are queueing to enter a dry dock. There, illuminated by the glare of huge oil lamps, is the largest ship you have ever seen—a monstrous ironclad juggernaut bristling with awesome weaponry. You stop to stare at this terrifying vessel, and overhear two Drakkarim engineers talking about their work. Your blood runs cold when you hear one of them reveal why this juggernaut is being built. It is to be used to destroy Holmgard, your country’s capital city.


If you wish to enter the dry dock and attempt to sabotage the juggernaut, turn to 76.

If you decide to ride on and continue your search for some means of transportation to Aarnak, turn to 97.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness