The Masters of Darkness


As you follow the sycophantic creature along the corridor and up a flight of iron stairs to the deck level above, you ponder the name he called you—Cagath. No doubt it was the name of the Ligan whose identity you have taken on as a disguise. (Make a note of this name in the margin of your Action Chart. It could prove useful at a later stage of your adventure.)

A strange scene awaits you in the large, cylindrical chamber that is the gallery. At the centre of this steel hall, used by the Lajakeka’s passengers as a meeting place and gambling den, there is a square pit some fifteen feet deep. On tiered seats that encircle the pit sit a motley group of creatures, some of whose features you recognize: Liganim, Nadziranim, Giak ore-masters, and a dozen or so whose origins are a mystery to you. They are all cheering or bawling obscenities at two bulky pit fighters, who are locked in hand-to-hand combat below. The fight ends abruptly with the beheading of one combatant, and the pit is cleared quickly whilst old bets are claimed and new ones are laid on the next bout. Into the gore-stained pit step two new fighters: an orange-skinned reptilian armed with a spiked club, and a blue-skinned humanoid wielding a ball and chain. Giak crew pass along the tiers collecting bets. One of them appears at your side and tugs your sleeve. ‘Stak nart gug?’ he growls, waving a wad of orange and blue slips of hide, as he tries to tempt you to place a bet.


If you have any Kika (Gold Crowns or Lune may not be used in lieu of Kika in this instance) and wish to bet on one of the pit fighters, turn to 61.

If you do not possess any Kika or do not wish to bet on the outcome of the fight, turn to 254.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness