The Masters of Darkness


Guided by your instructions, Captain Borse commands his helmsman to steer ‘hard a’ port’, a manoeuvre that will take the Intrepid clear of the enemy line. Swiftly the ship changes course. You watch the Darkland ironclads looming larger with each passing minute, and note the formidable array of weapons aboard their steel-skinned decks. Huge, black funnels protrude from the middle of each craft, which emit clouds of choking, sulphurous smoke. As the Intrepid rounds the last ironclad in the line, this acrid smoke wafts across the water and engulfs the crew, causing them to cough and retch violently. The sound of their coughing alerts the enemy lookouts who immediately raise the alarm.


Suddenly, a flash of blue-white light illuminates the bow of the ironclad and a fiery projectile arcs across the sky towards the Intrepid.

Pick a number from the Random Number Table.

If the number you have picked is 0–6, turn to 20.

If it is 7–9, turn to 180.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness