The Masters of Darkness


You draw the sun-sword from its korlinium scabbard and instantly the blade is caressed by cool, golden flames. The Drakkarim leader freezes in his tracks, his eyes bulging fit to burst as he stares with awe at the magical Sommerswerd.


‘Naog!’ he breathes, incredulously. ‘Gadajok-shezag! Aki-amaz! Okak naog gaj!’ He hesitates, and then begins to retreat towards the rail. At this moment the first of his troops clamber onto the deck. Fearful of the consequences should he be branded a coward in their eyes, he shouts a battle-cry and commands them to attack.

‘Shez dok tot!’ they scream, and come thundering towards you with murder blazing in their cruel, inhuman eyes.

If you wish to evade their attack, turn to 274.

If you decide to stand your ground and receive their attack, turn to 39.

Project AonThe Masters of Darkness