The Masters of Darkness

Combat Rules Summary

  1. Add your COMBAT SKILL to any extra points given to you by your Magnakai Disciplines.
  2. Subtract the COMBAT SKILL of your enemy from this total. This number = Combat Ratio.
  3. Pick a number from the Random Number Table.
  4. Turn to the Combat Results Table.
  5. Find your Combat Ratio on the top of the chart and cross-reference to the random number you have picked. (E indicates loss of ENDURANCE points to Enemy. LW indicates loss of ENDURANCE points to Lone Wolf.)
  6. Continue the combat from Stage 3 until one character is dead. This is when the ENDURANCE points of either character falls to 0 or below.

To Evade Combat

  1. You may only do this when the text of the adventure offers you the opportunity.
  2. You undertake one round of combat in the usual way. All points lost by the enemy are ignored; only Lone Wolf loses the ENDURANCE points.
  3. If the book offers the chance of taking evasive action in place of combat, it can be taken in the first round of combat or any subsequent round.
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