Technorati doesn’t index anymore my tags

I’m turning frantically mad. Since a month, Technorati doesn’t update anymore my posts on its website. If one follows a technorati tag on one of my post (which links to technorati’s indexed blogs including the same tag), it will show a lists… missing my own post.

That’s not an isolated problem, as many websites share their similar – bad – experiences : Hans Mestrum, Problogger, Mindblog, and so on. Look at the posts themselves, as well at the post’s comments…

It is not exactly a new problem neither : on december 2005, I had already the same issue. I quickly wrote to technorati support, and had to wait… ’till late january to get an answer :

We have been reviewing some of our older support email, and I discovered this one. I’m very sorry it’s taken us so long to respond to you.
It appears that, as you reported, we were not indexing your blog correctly. We had miscategorized your blog, and were ignoring updates. I’ve fixed this, and I’ve manually « pinged » your blog.
Please let us know if you have any more problems with Technorati. And, thanks for your patience.
Adam Hertz
Vice President of Engineering

Things happen. You can loose a message or two, one can be overloaded replying to so many affiliated users. But I wrote about « my new issue » to technorati on late february, and many times ever since then. Never got a single answer. Never found anything about this very well-spread problem on a FAQ on their website. Nothing.

It seems like Technorati had « eyes larger than the belly », and cannot manage their workload. What a shame, the idea was great, but what’s the purpose of having good ideas if you cannot concretize it ?

I’m going to have to stop using technorati tags…

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  1. jcv

    Which site are you talking about? This present site, or Technorati’s?

  2. AltaGid

    Hello! Help solve the problem.
    Very often try to enter the site, but says that the password is not correct.
    Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?
    Thank you!

  3. jcv

    Akismet, c’est une gigantesque filtre baysien, à l’échelle planétaire. Mais là, depuis quelques jours, il filtre terriblement mal, je viens même de décider d’en revenir aux codes à retaper… J’ai presque 1000 spams/jours, je peux plus les trier à la main :/

    T’as l’air d’être beaucoup plus chanceux avec Dotclear. Si je n’étais pas aussi matériellement fixé à WordPress, j’essaierais bien de changer d’outil.

  4. s427

    Akismet, c’est une gigantesque filtre baysien, à l’échelle planétaire.

    Ce que je suggère, c’est que pour un blog francophone, un filtre à l’échelle planétaire n’est peut-être pas la meilleure solution. C’est pour ça que je parle de « simple » filtre : un qui existerait rien que pour ton blog et qui serait mieux adapté au contenu qui y est publié (notamment les noms des visiteurs réguliers, qui se trouvent de facto rapidement placés sur liste blanche avec ce genre de système, étant donné qu’ils sont très rarement associés à du spam, et très souvent associés à des messages sains).

  5. s427

    Ouais, c’est surtout mon bouclier anti-spam qui laisse passer les spams et retient les messages légitimes… il n’y plus un seul de tes messages qui passe, je dois manuellement les valider. Au secours !

    Je ne sais pas si tu as déjà essayé un « simple » filtre bayésien. Evidemment je ne sais pas pour WordPress, mais chez moi (Dotclear 1) j’utilise SpamClear et c’est un vrai bonheur : des centaines de spams filtrés chaque jour, pas un seul bon commentaire mis en quarantaine. De temps en temps, un spam passe entre les gouttes, mais c’est très rare. Tellement efficace que j’ai complètement laissé tomber Spamplemousse (dommage, il avait un chouette nom ;-)) et que maintenant j’hésite à régler SpamClear pour qu’il efface directement les messages classés spam (c’est tentant mais en fait je ne pense quand même pas en arriver là).

  6. jcv

    Ouais, c’est surtout mon bouclier anti-spam qui laisse passer les spams et retient les messages légitimes… il n’y plus un seul de tes messages qui passe, je dois manuellement les valider. Au secours !

    Je crois que je vais garder ce spam en russe, parce qu’avoir des trucs en langue étrangères, ça fait quand même classe. Non ? :love:

  7. julien

    Clair… mais comment ça, il n’y a jamais sex, bdsm, horny, ou autre natural penis enlargment dans aucun de mes messages…

    (gniark… encore un à valider à la main :D)

    admin : ça n’a pas manqué, ordure 🙂
  8. julien

    Ce blog devient décidément de plus en plus mondial… :p

  9. LolitochkaBC

    Ааану-ка реябтки голосуем!!!!

    Признавайтесь проказники и владльцы сайта ))))

    ЧТО вы будете делать этим ером?!

  10. jcv

    Technorati’s indexing seems to me pretty confusing. I was no more indexed (again !) two months ago, and I’ve checked again right now : everything is ok.

    No change has been made, but I’m indexed again. Can’t understand why.

    Try to write to Janice, she helped me a bit. Even if she’s not a developper, she transmits complains to technicals.

  11. German

    Hi, I have the same problem: Technorati doesn’t index my site, and their customer services just send automatics emails telling when they have time they gonna try to fix it 🙂
    Anyway, I’ve discovered that W3C doesn’t index my site, so there was and non-utf8 character in my site. But even when I fixed it, Technorati is not index my site. I know there are another xhtml errors in my site, but this only does my site non-compiliant.
    Now, W3C can parse my site well, but not Technorati.


  12. jcv

    After many tests, I’ve been able to find where was the problem. As I wrote to Janice :

    I’ve been able to find where was the malfunction. The « AuthImage » plugin
    wasn’t guilty !

    As a matter of fact, I used the w3c validator ( to
    check if my site was correctly xhtml coded. And I discovered that my blog
    was using incorrect charset for a « utf-8 » header statement. Even the w3c
    validator was unable to parse my blog !

    After correcting it, I pinged again from technorati, and… it worked !

    Maybe this information will be valuable for some other users, especially if
    they write their blog in foreign language.

    Hope this will help other technorati’s users.

  13. jcv

    Thank you Janice for coming here; I hope you’ll find time to check the problems I’m having.

  14. Janice Myint

    Hello, My name is Janice. I am the Customer Support Specialist at Technorati. Please accept my sincerest apologies for our delay in getting back to you. We’ve been experiencing a backlog in support and are working hard to address everyone. I will look into your issues immediately and be in contact with you shortly. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

  15. jcv

    Technorati deactivated; I’m fed up, I got rid of that damn unsupported option.

  16. jcv

    Eric : I don’t understand how categorizing works at technorati. I’ve been miscategorized once, but two, acknowledging it’s again the problem, would be very strange.

    Hans : Actually, I think you were very lucky. As Eric, I didn’t get any answer… and this iss not the first time I have trouble getting an answer. 🙄

    Anyway, thanks for your action; I cross my fingers, hopping your alert we’ll be more successfull than mine !

  17. Hans Mestrum

    Hhmm, I also had this problem. It was my feed which did the problem. But I got a reaction. Even of their CEO David Sifry: here. So they do react. I informed both David Sifry as Janice from support to have look.
    Let’s see what is happening.

  18. Eric Scalf

    I have written Technorati, several times. I have never received a response. I fail to see how my blog can be miscategorized. I also failed to see how Problogger could be categorized as a spam blog, yet it was. Perhaps that the issue affecting us both. Technorati is rapidly making a name for itsself. A very bad name.

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